Melton Foundation


6 universities, 4 continents: The Melton Foundation is a global network of Fellows from Chile, China, India, Ghana, Germany and the US. We’re a foundation focusing on sustainable solutions for social, economic, intercultural and ecological challenges. Through our fellowship and collaborative programs, we promote and enable global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to solve challenges in an interconnected world.

How to join us:
The applications for the Melton Fellowship are currently open till January
31st! You can become part of the Foundation if you’ll study at least 3 more semesters in Jena, if you are under 26 years old, if you are curious about the world, if you take initiative on global issues you care about, and if you want to learn more about topics such as Design Thinking, intercultural communications, project management, impact measurement, ethical leadership, systems thinking and many more.


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