USV Jena Rugby


Our department within USV Jena offers both men and women the opportunity to try out a new sport that is known all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player. Everyone can join us without any problems. Our women’s team currently represents us in the German 7s league, an Olympic version of rugby which is usually played in tournaments. The men’s team competes in the second Bundesliga in Rugby Union, which is probably the most classic form of rugby. 

Be part of a team that has a lot to offer off the field. During training you will be guided by experienced players and an international coaching staff. From fitness to tactics, you’ll be taught the fundamentals of rugby from the ground up. Off the pitch, it is also always possible to get involved in classic club work and thus become part of a big family.


Kontakt:, Kenny Jandausch

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Wintersemester: Unisportzentrum Oberaue 1 Dienstag: 18:30 – 20 Uhr; Donnerstag 20:00 -21:30 Uhr Sommersemester: Unisportzentrum Oberaue 1 Dienstag & Donnerstag: 18:30 – 20 Uhr

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